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A Personal History of Modern Veterinary Dentistry

book_coverWith patients ranging from an alcoholic woollbook_1y monkey, to a 15,000 pound bull elephant, world class dressage stallion, silverback gorilla, giant panda, and wounded eagle, Dr.Fagan’s unusual dental practice has been exciting, educational, and has placed him in the forefront of a much-needed area of clinical expertise.

In “DENTIST Goes ANIMAL,” he shares a variety of his experiences with both man and beast, while presenting a lively and informative account of the advances in mammalian medicine in which he has played a key role, and which have placed him in the forefront of the demanding and still-developing clinical specialty of Veterinary Dentistry.

“David Fagan, D.D.S.,
is a master storyteller…
…Dr. Fagan is like the conductor of an orchestra, with dozens of people working in unison to solve unique wildlife dental problems.”
Douglas book_2G. Myers CEO/Executive Director San Diego Zoo Global
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