Of all of the species with which we share this little Planet of ours, it is the Elephant which seems to engage us most profoundly. Not many of us “know” this animal. Most of us have never even seen a “real” one. The majority of those who have seen a living elephant – have not “touched” it. Few individuals ever concern themselves with the “care and well being” of these awesomely huge creatures, and fewer still become involved with issues like “Oral Disease and Nutrition” which impact them so dramatically. This is an unfortunate state of affairs, because it deprives the majority of humans from experiencing a truly profound encounter.

Elephants are very intelligent animals. They live a very close, very complex, matriarch dominated life-style. Although we know a fair amount about their comings and goings – modern man is woefully ignorant of the “Essence of Elephants”, and as a consequence, we are rapidly proceeding with a collective push toward their extinction. In fact, a number of well informed scholars have already declared the Asian Elephant only a few years away from “statistically irreversible extinction”.

Our collective experience with these animals is enormous, and has certainly contributed to the development of our perspective concerning their care and well being. We will try to share a little bit of it with you. You can view, download, and print out high-quality, graphics-enhanced versions.