PHO-TOG-RA-PHY \ fa tog’ ra fe \ n

  1. the art and/or process of producing visible images of objects directly or indirectly upon a photosensitive gelatin surface on paper, plastic, metal, or glass by the chemical action of light or other forms of radiant energy upon that surface
  2. utilizing visible light to produce traditional photographic images
  3. utilizing sound to produce dynamic ultrasonographic images
  4. utilizing x-rays and chemical baths to produce radiographic images
  5. utilizing computer electronics to produce digital radiography & photography
  6. utilizing electron beams of various wavelengths to produce MRI or CT Scans



The Institute’s staff, consultants and associates actively document all of our clinical and research activities. As a result The Colyer Institute has archived a collection of wildlife and scenic photographs taken in the wild, in zoos, wild animal parks and conservation facilities around the world.These are some of our favorite photographs. . . . . . Enjoy Them !





A portion of our collection is also available as a gift of appreciation to those who wish to support the work of the Colyer Institute with a donation this year.

All photographs are printed on archival heavy weight fine art paper suitable for framing.
Donations of: Receive an image gift of:
$ 50.00 1- screen saver image
$100.00 1- 5 X 7 desk top / photo
$250.00 1- 8 X 10 desk top / photo
$500.00 1-11 X 17 framed photo
$1000.00 1 poster sized framed image
$5000.00 1- reproduction in oil paint

All donations and photograph selections are coordinated through our
Director of Development
E-mail address :