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Access to information is an important element in today’s world. Listed below are a number of the sites which we find useful, and which may be of help to those of you looking for more information on some aspect of a particular subject.

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The First European Elephant Management School
in Hagenbeck`s Tierpark, Hamburg, Germany

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The Zoological Society of San Diego

Find out what’s going on at :
The World Famous San Diego Wild Animal Park
The San Diego Zoo
The Center for the Reproduction of Endangered Species (C.R.E.S.)

The American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

This is the voice of, and principle advocate for the demanding profession of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, the mission of this International Association is to improve the Health Care and promote the Conservation of all captive and free ranging wildlife.

The American Veterinary Dental College
The Academy of Veterinary Dentistry
The American Veterinary Dental Society
The Journal of Veterinary Dentistry

This combined group of organizations is THE source for peer-reviewed scientific information concerning the subject of Dentistry, and issues of Oral Health Care as it relates to animals and Veterinary Medicine. This site provides a wealth of referrals to other Inter-net sites of interest to the readers of the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry.

The American Veterinary Medical Association

This AVMA Network is the place where Veterinary Professionals, Pet Owners and Animal Lovers go to find comprehensive information on Pet Care, Animal Health, Veterinary Medicine, and . . . . . . .

The American Association of Equine Practioners

An information resource dedicated to improve the health and welfare of horses, and to further the professional development of its members while providing resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry.

The American Zoo and Aquarium Association

Established in 1924, this group represents virtually every professionally operated zoological park, aquarium, oceanarium and wildlife park in North America, as well as over 5400 individual members, and is dedicated to the advancement of member facilities through conservation, education, scientific studies and recreation.

The Zoo & Wildlife Pathology Program

The C.L.Davis,D.V.M. Foundation is a non-profit organization which promotes the advancement of Veterinary and Comparative Pathology by a consortium of zoo and wildlife veterinary pathologists in order to advance knowledge of issues and educate veterinarians in the study of pathology, the scientific discipline which detects and prevents diseases and conditions that plague rare and endangered animals.

Sybron Dental Specialties

A subsidiary of Sybron International Corporation, this company has been a world leader in the manufacture, production & marketing if quality Dental Restorative, Laboratory, Orthodontic, Endodontic and Infection Control products for many years. They are available in many countries, and in a variety of languages. They continue to be the technological leader in all of the product categories they offer. Their KERR, ORMCO and ANALYTIC-ENDODONTIC divisions are integrations of several of the best specialty companies in the world, offering an excellent assortment of dependable dental products, as well as a valuable resource for essential product information, supporting scientific publications, and related C.E. courses. A visit to this web site can be a surprisingly educational experience for any clinician wishing to learn more about the products, materials and instrumentation necessary for the successful clinical practice of Comprehensive Veterinary Dentistry.


Originally known as the Detroit Manufacturing Company, Kerr was founded in 1891 by John and Robert Kerr. Today, Kerr is one of three primary subsidiaries of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., a recognized leader in the dental market. With manufacturing, marketing and sales locations worldwide, the Kerr product portfolio includes impression materials, restorative products and Demetron curing lights. The Kerr brand is sold both domestically and internationally through a network of distributors.

Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos

This site provides access to an international network of scientists and educators in universities, zoos, aquariums, conservation organizations, and governmental agencies who are dedicated to worldwide conservation.