CLINICAL \ kli-ni-kal \ adj


1: of, relating to, or typical of a clinic, esp: involving direct observation of the patient,
2: scientifically dispassionate 

CARE \‘ker \ n

1: a disquieted state of uncertainty and responsibility; ANXIETY,
2: watchful attention or concern for (-what happens) : HEED,
4: a person or thing that is an object of anxiety or solicitude.

The Colyer Institute documents and records an ongoing , active clinical schedule of case work involving an extremely broad range of exotic animals - ranging alphabetically from Aardvark to Zebra, and in size from the tiny Cotton Topped Marmoset to the very large Elephant. A small representative sample is referenced here.
Salivary Duct Obstruction in a Bonobo
Root Caries Periapical Abscess in a Cape Hunting Dog
Apical Abscess and Malpositioned Pre Molar in a Chinese Dhole Dog
Oral Digital Radiology in an Indian Rhino
Inconvenient Mastigatory Dysfunction in an Arabian Oryx
T.M.J. Dislocation in a Pygmy Marmoset
The Mastigatory Apparatus of a Tasmanian Devil
Scope and Range of Mammalian Dentition
"Dental" Disease in Avian Species
Preventative Restoration of a Cracked Tusk With the Help of a Compatible Braided Reinforcement Ribbon
Restoration of a Sub-Gingival Tusk Fracture on a Male Babirusa
Root Canal Therapy & Oral Surgery on a male Polar Bear
Oral Surgery for Facial Trauma on a Bongo
Cheetah in the Hands of a Care Giver
Molar Root Canal Procedure on a South African Cheetah
Extraction of Impacted Molar on a female Asian Elephant
Oral Exams & Endodontic Treatment of 2 Black Footed Ferrets
Oral Surgery with Bone Graft on a Bat Eared Fox
Oral Surgery / Apicoectomy / Bone Graft on Thomson’s Gazella
Oral Exam on a Baby Gorilla
Oral Surgery for Treatment of a Fistulated Dental Abscess on a Lowland Gorilla
X-rays of the mandible of a Black Faced Impala
Broken Beak Repair in a Kingfisher
Molar Extraction & Repair of Oral Nasal Fistula on a female Koala
Post Operative Oral Examination of a North Chinese Mountain Leopard
Partial Pulpotomy on a Molar tooth in an African Lion
Multiple Endodontic-Restorations on an older African Lion
A Periodontal Examination of an adult, male, Sumatran Orang
Oral Exam and Intra-Oral Radiographs on a Giant Panda
Removal of Defective Tooth on a Female Big Horn Sheep
Root Canal Therapy and Apicoectomy on a female Himalayan Tahr
Root Canal Therapy for a South America Tapir
Privately Owned Bengal Tiger 
with Severe Mandibular Canine Abscess


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